Thursday, 18 February 2010

Maturity comes in many forms...

This is a birthday card I've put together for my mum's husband Eric... I will miss the grande event as I will be in Birmingham (sob, sob)... no really, I think I'll survive missing it... lol.
Anyway.. he will be turning 68 and all he does all day, every day is sit at the kitchen table drinking coffee & reading... he would probably forget what the outside world looked like if the back door didn't get opened. I thought that I would bring a bit of colour to his life & the quote makes reference to all the reading he does. He has been known to get through a full book in under a day!
Well must dash... still got plenty to do before my departure...
Happy crafting


Georgie said...

Hi lovey - just wanted to say have a great time at the NEC, and fill us in with all the crafty gossip when you get back. Have a safe trip.
Georgie x

Kat said...

Have a great time at the NEC Lorraine. You can tell us all about it when you get back!

Kat xx