Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Glad it's night

Well we managed to recover the car today... Woohoo... So whilst in Hamilton I decided to pick up bunny food so went to the bank for cash... Banks closed... Cashlines.. No cash available!!! Hhmmm... Off to M&S I toddled... Treated myself to a pair of velour trackies all so I could get cashback... Lmao... Got the food and back to the car. Next up fuel.. Into the garage I went and managed to get my maximum allowance of £20.. Round Motherwell town centre which is nothing more than a skating rink and home. Just got in, took of my coat and boots only to see one of my neighbours trying to recover his abandoned vehicle. Coat and boots back on, spade in hand and off I went again.. Fortunately another neighbour was out helping too so 1st car cleared.. Now to tidy the road and flatten it a bit... Hhhmmm one more abandoned car.. A wee mini... Well neighbour and I decided to dig that out too, then we chapped the girls door, gave her a push and into her driveway she went... Yippee road cleared... Into my neighbours house now for a wee cup of coffee and chat :)... Then round to get hubby coming home from work. Had tea and now I'm into warm dry clothes and finally getting the heat into me... Well most of me apart from my tootsies.. They still feel like blocks of ice.

Hope you've all had a good day and stayed safe & warm where needed... I need to go finish off a special card now, so will catch you all later.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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Kim. said...

Oh Lorraine you poor things, I thought our snow was bad enough but yours puts ours to shame lol. Just when all of our snow had cleared we had another downfall last night. The strange things is because we live on the sea front and right on the farthest easterly point of the country we never normally get snow, this year has sure made up for that already.
Keep warm and safe.
Kim xXx