Friday, 11 December 2015

One step at a time..

Just a quick post tonight folks as it's been one of those days.. 

There are major roadworks where I live and before leaving this morning I heard on the radio that there was a breakdown in the contraflow so only one lane was open on the motorway..  so would you believe that by the time I left the house and got to that section of road, the breakdown was cleared but now there was another incident..  A 5 car accident!!  Yesterday morning it was a car turned on its side on the opposite side of the road and it doesn't end there..  tonight I had to detour on the way home as there had been a 2 car crash on another part of the motorway and one of the cars had turned in to a ball of fire and completely closed the motorway.    Arriving home in the region of 7.40pm I was obviously not in the best of moods but thankfully it sounds like no one was injured in the car fire.  

Needless to say I wasn't in the mood for sitting doing cards or anything so I've stitched some more pieces on to my wreath instead.   Sorry it's not a great photo but lighting sucks at 2am lol. 

Time for bed now in the hopes I sleep.. been really bad this week and last night I only managed a whopping 3 hrs so fingers crossed I can get my minimum 4 hrs tonight but 5 would be really nice. 

Toodles for now

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