Monday, 16 November 2015

Taking it easy..

Sorry I've been AWOL folks but I've been really poorly the last 2 weeks.  Thankfully I saw the doctor on Friday and she's given me some antibiotics and linctus so fingers crossed I'll be back to normal soon.  

Due to lack of energy etc I've not been feeling in a mood to be creative but I've made a start on a little crochet wreath.   Trust me I ain't been getting anywhere quick cause the coughing and nose blowing has been getting in the way lol.  However..  I've managed to get the band made and attached to the polystyrene wreath in addition to a few leaves (never made these before) so just a pile more leaves, flowers etc to go before I can attach them..  am hoping to have it finished before Christmas!!!!  

Hopefully now I'm on my meds life will return to somewhat of normality (not that I have a lot of that in my life!) and I'll be back to blogging in a more timely fashion. 

Take care!

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