Saturday, 12 December 2015

Ready to go..

Sorry I didn't manage a post before now.  Had a lovely lie in this morning which was amazing as I've had the week from hell as far as sleep goes..  ranging from 2 -4 hours a night..  Argh

Anyway once I shifted the groggy head I gave my bum a shake..  housework done, 5 loads of washing, sorted more stuff for the homeless, currently working on 35 Christmas cards and looks at this..   I've got 44 bags all ready to go to the homeless shelter for them to open on Christmas morning (still more to pack).  Each bag contains either a hat, scarf or a pair of gloves along with a Christmas card.   If I get enough time I will die cut a large snow flake to decorate the bags but will have to wait for the moment as still have so much to do. 

Anyway, time to get back to the card construction before I settle in front of the tv with my crochet hopefully around about midnight.  

Toodles for now

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Janette said...

I have to admire what your doing for the shelter, so very kind....x