Saturday, 28 November 2015

Making progress..

Yes it looks messy with all the tails stocking out still but I will deal with them in the one go.  My priority just now is simply to get all my elements crocheted and do a rough lay out as it progresses.

Unfortunately I didn't have as much time today as I would have liked as we had to deal with some Home Office stuff for the old hubby which took several hours.  Followed by the weekly shop..  Low point of the week for me as I detest shopping lol. 

Now we did have one funny event occur.   We had security cameras installed this morning and upon checking the actioned alarms we noticed one of them was a delivery.  Now what's funny about that you ask?  Well as the delivery driver was leaving he stopped to take a picture of hubby's car (it's not a rare car!) on his mobile phone totally unknown to him that his action was caught and recorded on camera!!!   Needless to say he didn't smile for the birdie lol.   I would have to say I can highly recommend digital home security. 

Toodles for now and happy crafting.

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