Sunday, 20 December 2015

Winter wonderland..

Well folks I'm getting there but still a lot to do before the big day but at least then I can flop on the sofa and chill all day. 

It was a 4.30 am to bed this morning so hopefully there will not be a repeat of that tonight!

Managed to get the food shopping done yesterday so that's a major benefit even though there was a nut case in the market when we were there.  Everyone going about doing their shop then this lunatic makes a massive noise and starts shouting aloud.  To say the shop froze is an understatement.  It proved to me just how alert people are nowadays to the possibility of terrorism as after speaking with people in the store that appeared to have been most people's first thought was that something was going to happen.   Instead the stupid man was ranting about forgetting Christmas and that Jesus Christ died on the cross for us and that terrorists are here walking among us..  what link there is between Jesus being crucified and terrorism I'm not quite sure.  People like this are just as radical in their own way and they don't even see it.!  Why can't we all just live in peace and harmony?  

Right times up..  my to do list awaits.


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