Monday, 7 December 2015

One down..

Nineteen more to go then the first batch is finished and ready for posting.. 

Sorry I've been slightly awol but yesterday I took off to do a little Christmas shopping..  yes that's right I've actually bought my first pressies! 

It's going to be a busy old week and I'm hoping the roads clear up a little to make my commute to and from work easier.   This morning I was soaked through to the skin just going from the house to the car and was still damp when I arrived at work!   Tonight traffic was awful around the store so I held back before leaving and even when I did (6.30pm) it was no better.   Thankfully I managed to switch lane and instead of heading in the right direction I took off in the opposite and drove to Glasgow airport where I managed to get turned and back on to the motorway in the right direction.  As I drove past the Hillington cut off I looked down at the road below and the same bus and van was quite literally sitting in the same position as it was when I managed to jump lane!   Fingers crossed for a better commute tomorrow. 

Anyway back to my stitching so Toodles for now.


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