Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Pretty in pink

Glad to say I had a nice productive day which was all about Christmas and spending some quality time with my wee mummy. 

Those who know what my sleep pattern is like will be shocked to hear I had a mammoth sleep off last night from 11pm to 9am,  waking only once!   So once I shook off the groggy after effect of the marathon I got the housework done and readied myself for an afternoon out with mum.   Off to the shops we popped on an errand to get the Christmas shopping done and we succeeded with the exception of a few nick naks which I'll pick up over the weekend.  Tonight I've written some of my cards, and made a start on a beautiful big 20" wreath which I'm decorating with pink tulle.   Such a fabulous way to add a touch of colour and the personal touch but better yet if I wish to next year I can simply remove the tulle and use the frame again for something different.   Now that's what I call cost efficient..  lol.

So it's time to toddle up the stairs and get some sleep before work in the morning so I'll will bid you farewell for now. 


P.s.  sorry about the picture quality but it was taken at 2.30am lol x

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