Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Construction is due to start

Sorry I've not been around the last few days.  Saturday I was working, Sunday I had quite a lazy day (except for 5 loads of washing) so I managed to get the majority of the final bits finished for the wreath and got rid of all the tails.  I've decided to stitch them on separately rather than fight with bits and pieces.  Today..  well I've been domestic goddess for the day.  Over the three week period when I had that horrendous cold I kept the house going but there was no deep cleaning done, so today it got done from top to bottom followed by three hours of ironing!   Tonight my step daughter and her husband were over for a visit which was lovely as we were arranging what day we were having our Christmas meal.  It's always difficult when there's a split in the family and now she's married there's even more people to visit.   Poor kids now have to visit us, her mum and step dad, Gordon's mum and dad and two sets of grandparents!  To us that's too much of an ask so we always have them either Christmas Eve or Boxing Day so this year we fall on Christmas Eve.  

Now its back to work tomorrow and then I will make a start on stitching all my wreath together when I get home..  I'm desperate to get it finished not just to see what's it's like when it's all done but also because I've already got the next project lined up..  One that's very apt for Christmas Day! 

Always best get myself off to bed so please stay tuned. 


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