Saturday, 10 March 2012

News and goodies

Evening all and sorry I didn't get round to posting yesterday but have I got exciting news today.. I'm going to be at the NEC so looking forward to seeing lots of friendly faces there. Not sure yet what the stand number is so I'll check it nearer the time and leave a post so that anyone coming along to the show can pop by and say hi.

Anyway, it's been a fab few days at the SECC with many happy faces and lots of laughter.. Kay and I have been full of mischief but at the same time have been very grateful for all the delicious handmade cakes and goodies we have been given over the last few days.. We've had cupcakes, mince meat slices (which were made especially for my hubby but I did share some with Kay), coffee cake and macaroons. Oh and Kay has even put in an order for more macaroons for next month. Lol. Sadly tomorrow is the final day but that also means I may get a wee chance to look around and maybe treat myself to some more goodies as so far all I've managed to get is these lovely stencils which I can't wait to play with.. Got a good deal too as they were 4 for £10!!!

Well, time for me to get my stuff organised for the morning then chill in front of the tv before having an early night.. Need extra energy for tomorrow's break down as we like to try and get Kay on the road by 7pm at the latest as she has a 6hr drive home. Toodles for now.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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