Friday, 2 March 2012

Face 1 finished

Afternoon all.. And can you believe we're already heading for the 1st weekend in March. Can't believe how quickly time seems to pass these days.. Guess it's true what they say.. The older you get the quicker time flies. Hhmmm now I'm beginning to wonder why I'm working on a clock. Lol.

So, I'm glad to report that the 1st face of my wall clock is now complete. Not a lot of difference in it since yesterday but enough to make me say stop..

This afternoon I'm waiting on the guys coming to uplift my old tv, need to take some orders to the post office and the remainder of time will be spent working on samples and hopefully if I behave and get my head down I may allow myself some play time tonight to start on the 2nd section of the clock. The base is already covered in part and my parts have been die cut so it's all about the colouring and composition now so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Well sitting here typing isn't going to get the work done is it so guess it's time to sign off and get my bum in gear. Catch you all later.

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

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