Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Criminal damage to woodland area in my estate!!!

Morning all.. I'm so disgusted by this malicious act of vandalism in my estate that I just had to share a picture showing a small part of it. This was previously a beautiful woodland area providing foods and shelter to a great deal of wildlife including BATS!! Yes, it is illegal to disturb or destroy an area where bats are known to feed but some mindless vandals have simply gone in and completely destroyed a large section of it. There were a mixture of trees some of which were 20-30ft in height including birch and fir and several varieties of bushes.

Sadly this act has upset many residents in our estate as it now means that they will be billed for the removal of all the debris left behind and possibly for the reinstatement of all the trees unless we can obtain help from the forestry commission, bat society etc. We are also having to apply for a tree protection order. The good thing is that if we get the tree protection order in place if any further act of vandalism is carried out and the culprits caught then they could actually face imprisonment, and the bat society will also register or woodland area so it will be a protected area on their records also which will make legal proceedings much quicker and easier.

Today, I need to contact the police, bat society and local council to get all the investigations and paperwork started but hopefully I can do most of it from my phone whilst enjoying some sun in the garden.

Hope you're all enjoying the sun too and sorry for the rant but I just find it disgusting that some people think they are above the law when they so clearly are not.. What goes around comes around though!! Lol

Toodles for now all.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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