Thursday, 18 March 2010

Yippee.... Essay complete...

Hells bells.... although I set myself a deadline on completing my essay for yesterday... I had a meeting which I was required to attend last night so it threw my timeschedule out the window. Thankfully I've got up this morning and got stuck in again... yippee... I've finally managed to finish it so now all I have to do is get everything printed off, packaged up & off to the post office I'll go... guaranteed next day delivery is a requirement as it must be received at the university no later than tomorrow so must dash now but will hopefully get time to come up with a little creation later on. Think I've definately earned some me time... lol
Catch you all later.
Lorraine xxx


Georgie said...

Well done you! Do you get chance to relax now - or is it on with the next thing on the list?

Georgie x

Kat said...

Congrats on getting your essay finished. I know how that feels lol! Bet you feel really good now.

Kat xx