Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I'm going to Bermuda....

Well... did I manage to fool you.... lol You should know better than to think that I would be fortunate enough to be jetting off to the sun... but thanks to a beautiful gift that I received over the weekend I can at least pretend for a while.

Upon arrival at the hotel on Wednesday there was a little confusion over whether or not I was actually booked in... thankfully after a few hours we managed to get everything sorted out. I was fortunate enough to have the delightful Cynthia (Rainbow Lady) staying in the same hotel and she felt so sorry for me that night, she got on the phone to her DH and asked him to bring me a present as he was flying in from Bermuda. Now how many people can you say are truly that generous, kind and giving... I owe a massive thanks to both Cynthia and her wonderful husband Geoff for this absolutely gorgeous gift they presented to me at the hotel. Hope you can see the mother of pearl shining through in all it's true glory.

At least in future when Cynthia posts that she is off to Bermuda for a visit I will be able to look at my gift and know exactly where she will be. The detail included on these two pieces of work are truly amazing.

Thank you Cynthia and Geoff for the gift, your company and for allowing me to call you my friends.


Lorraine xxx

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Rainbow Lady said...

We are almost crying here my friend. Thanks so much for this lovely posting. We thought you deserved the pressie after all the hassle you had. Love you lots Cynthia + Geoff of course xx