Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sakura & Fiskars all in one day...

Okay folks time to set the pre record button on your sky box if you're not going to be around this afternoon.... as far as we have been informed the next Sakura show is due to be aired today on Ideal World at 2pm... certainly worth a watching & I'm sure you can pick up a bargain or two.....
As for me... well I'll be recording the show also, as this afternoon I will be at the SECC setting up the Fiskars stand all ready for doors opening tomorrow morning... now it wouldn't be very fair would it if you all turned up & there was nothing for you to see, so need to get my priorities right & take care of it all for you today. Then it will be back home to get myself organised for the morning... clothes ironed, shoes polished etc, etc... and an early night is definately required as I'll be up at 6am & out the door for 7am. Unbelievable that I live so close to the SECC yet if I don't leave till around 7.30am then I get stuck on the M8 in bumper to bumper traffic for over an hour. Good thing about being in the hall early in the morning is I get the opportunity to have a browse around all the stands while it's still nice & quiet.... lol
Right, off to make a start on my day & I'll see you all soon.
Lorraine xxx

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Kat said...

Guess who thought she had set the sky+ and discovered at 2.30 that she hadn't! Need to try to watch it later. We have to go to STrathaven for a funeral tomorrow (Thurs) so since it is a three and a half hour drive I'm going to lose the whole day. At least it's my day off so I dono't lose a day's pay. See you Sunday at the SECC!

Kat xx