Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Wednesday already....

Golly gosh, I can hardly believe it is Wednesday already & I haven't managed a single challenge card this week between one thing & another... it's just not good enough.
Yesterday I had planned to get a pile of crafting done in the afternoon but what did I go & do in the morning... silly old me... having been working so hard in the garden & not suffering too bad, well, yesterday I decided to fill in a hole that our local badger had decided to dig in my front garden right next to my gas meter. Out came the bags of stones (small ones so that I was able to lift them) and in the hole they went... now the hole was under the box, so I had to use the handle of a broom to push them all into place, then a big spade to cover all the stones with muck... well... cocky old me was just getting stuck in & forgetting to be careful of how I moved... I now naturally protect my stomach muscles & tend to use my back, so I ended up twisting a muscle in my back. Now my back was sore enough but to top that off, it gave me the headache from hell... felt like it was going to explode. Most of the afternoon ended up being spent lying on the sofa. Poor hubby felt I was in such a state last night that he ended up giving me a big massage & boy did I get into trouble from him for the states I had gotten my muscles in to. Alas it is feeling a little better today so fingers crossed if I'm careful for the rest of the day I'll be fighting fit tomorrow again before I see the physio. No doubt she'll have a go at me aswell.
Once I finish this posting I'm off to get ready & pay a surprise visit to hubby's last remaining shop where my friend works. As you may have read previously we have a bit of a problem going on with a member of staff at present (too complex to go into online) and today I'm off to find out if my friend of 35 years has actually been involved in the whole thing & quite literally stuck a knife in my back before twisting it... I certainly hope that I am proved wrong but my gutt instinct at the moment tells me that she has....
Well I think that's more than enough babbling from me for the moment being so I'm off now to get on with the day...
I do apologise that I haven't been blog hopping of late but with everything that's been going on I really haven't had much time to spend on either crafting or blogging... hopefully things will turn around this week & I can get back to normal as I'm so missing seeing all your wonderful creations.
Huge hugs from me to you


Sally said...

Lorraine I do hope you are feeling better. I also hope your friend is not involved.

Medical-Muscle said...

Where's the car. I want to see the car. The car is cool. The car is for Americans only

scotspanda said...

oooowwwwwwww your poor back hun, hope the massage helped and its better soon. I really hope you're wrong about your friend.

take care hun, hope you've got some of the same sun we have up here


Amanda xxx

sandra tomlinson said...

oh my goodness i really hope your apparent friend hasnt betrayed you, theres nothing worse i know from personal experience, hope your back feels better soon,
take care xx

Kim. said...

Oh Lorraine take care of your back you really don't realize how much you need it until you can't use it, believe me I know from the experience of some man collapsing whilst going up an esculator, we fell like dominoes and I was at the bottom of the pile. Ouch I hear you say but honestly look after that back!!
Have a good day.
Kim xXx

Dawn said...

Ohhh Lorraine you are having such a time of it at the moment - hope things improve for you and boy I know what a sore back can do - had to go for a massage today - it was wonderful - hope you feel better soon..


P.S hope your friend proves your gut instinct wrong..