Monday, 6 April 2009

Paper Folding Technique

One of the comments left on my Penny Black card the other day was from Christine who asked if I could possibly share the paper folding technique that I used... of course I can... always happy to share info with others... so here goes.
1. Start out with a square piece of card & draw diagonal lines from one corner to the other. This will allow you to find the centre of your card.

2. Now you want to fold corners B, C, D & E into the centre of your card (A).

3. Once you have folded all your corners into the centre, you then want to bring corners F,G,H & I back out to the centre of their sections. This means that you will see the inside of the paper again.

Here is the completed fold... If you have never done this folding technique before then I would suggest that you use a piece of photo copy paper in the first instance so that you can mark the letters on it, this way making the folding much easier initially.

Just one additional piece of information is that when I am required to use a pencil for anything craft related, in order to avoid all those terrible pencil smudges that we all so often get... my preference is the Sumogrip pencil from Sakura... The lead is very fine & the eraser on the end has never left me with smudges....
Well I hope that some of you have found this tutorial helpful and hey you never know... there may be more to come in the future.
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx


Sue said...

Oh thanks for that Lorraine i made a card like this last year n for the life of me i couldnt remember how i did it!!! lol,sue.x

Christine said...

Thank you so much! I'll be using it on a card very soon!


Anki said...

Thanks for sharing. This is something that I def. need to try. Just found your blog today - so. Wish you a wonderful Easter. Kram - Anki

Kim. said...

Aaah thanks for sharing that Lorraine. I had admired the card you made and made my guess as to how you did it but it was not like that!!! lol.
Happy crafting.
Kim xXx

Lisa said...

Hi Lorraine, Thanks so much for your tutorial. I will definitely be trying this. Lisa x