Sunday, 19 April 2009

What a Day...

Well folks I so cannot believe that it is after 9pm already and I haven't posted a thing all day.
That I'm afraid is due to the weather... it was so gorgeous today that we have spent the full day in the back garden... well apart from this morning when I done all my household chores.
Here's hoping that tomorrow is another glorious day again as it is so nice to be able to get out in the garden again after such a long winter, lovely fresh air & sun rays beating down on... just what the doctor would order on prescription if they could... oh if only...
Obviously I haven't done any crafting today but now that I am back indoors with an hour or two before bed time, I'm sure I can rattle a little something up which I will post in the morning.
Hoping you've all had as good a day as I have.
Heaps of hugs


Craftyanny said...

Hi Lorraine
I did the same today, it's not often us Scots get the chance to spend a day in the sun
Anne x

Arty Party NI said...

Hiya Mrs, good to see your enjoying this weather that were having, wish my grass would grow so I could lie out instead its just dry soil at the moment. Hope your week goes better than last week, hugs and kisses Karen