Friday, 24 April 2009

For my Hubby

This is a pyrimage design of a Chrysler Crossfire which when I saw it, I just had to get... you see this was the last car that my darling hubby had & he loved it to bits... sadly due to his spondylitis it was not the best car for him to be travelling around in so it had to go... he still misses it to this day so I thought I would build this version of it for him where although he cannot drive it, he can at least still see his little treasure every day. Instead of making it into a card, I opted for a stand on the back so it can sit on a shelf at work or something.

Here is the rear mounting that I used.
Well have been pottering around cutting out etc & still have stuff that has been made over previous days, so will be back again later with another little something...
Lorraine xxx


Anonymous said...

My friend has just bought one of these, and hubby is sooo jealous!!! Maybe I should make this card for him!!!
Lou XX

Craftyanny said...

Nice idea Lorraine??
I know what my hubby would do if I did that to him though (pmsl)
Anne x

Sally said...

Fabulous idea so that your hubby can sitll enjoy it eventhough he can't drive it.

Kim. said...

Lovely idea Lorraine now not only will his dream car be at work with him but his dream wife who made it!!
Have a good weekend.
Kim xXx

clare said...

great idea hun..what a lovely thought doing that for your hubby..TFS hugs clarex

Medical-Muscle said...

You didn't say that guys that drive these cars get allot of attention by young attractive women thinking your rich