Thursday, 30 April 2009

How time flies

Golly gosh I so cannot believe how this week is passing me by... think it might be because of all the clearing out I have been doing as opposed to crafting...
Obviously I am feeling a little deprived now so have to solve that problem today & for that purpose I have decided to work on my K&Co coaster set that I purchased a while back but have never gotten around to doing.
Apart from that.. all went as well as could be yesterday at the hospital... I have to keep up my physio exercises & try to build some muscle around the shoulder then with any luck it will at least stay the way it is rather than deteriorate any more & they will not have to operate.
But oh yuck... I have the dentist today for more fillings... hard to believe I was a dental nurse for 10 years eh... but like everything else it's always the profession you worked in that you dread the most... I know only too well what everything is & the problems that can occur. Sadly after my operation my system was so run down & combined with my medication that my teeth paid the price. Apparently my gums are still not back to normal so fingers crossed they pick up soon.
Alas I must part from you now as I want to try & finish the coasters before I go get half my mouth numbed... possibly a good excuse to craft more upon my return.
Back with you all later.
Happy crafting


Donna said...

Oh no, the dreaded dentist! Good luck hun. Donnax

Medical-Muscle said...

If you stop eating all the crap sugar stuff you wouldn't need the dental work. AND join my gym