Monday, 27 April 2009

Back to work

Can you believe it's Monday again.... where are all the weeks going... it's so true what they say that the older you get the quicker time goes... any chance of a few extra hours being thrown into the day?
Most of yesterday was spent between blog hopping (if I haven't visited you already I will be there soon) and sorting out some more of my craft room... I so don't know where everything has come from & some of it I can't even remember getting.. so sad that isn't it. I did spend last night sitting on the sofa watching tv so thought that would be the perfect time to do some water colouring.. I had all these images already stamped so sat there with my pencils & water brush just colouring away all night... it was so relaxing. No actual cards made yet so for that I apologise, hopefully I will have time later on today to get something made & uploaded.
This afternoon I'm planning on sorting out more of the craft room so I can operate properly in this place as I have some fun projects to do including a book, coasters & altering a soap powder box into storage.. just need to get a clear working space. Also need to fit in some more blog hopping & not sure if mum's friend is coming up to do the ironing (normally does on Monday).
Oh and I just have to tell you... I'm not normally the best of sleepers, averaging about 6 hours a night but for the last 3 nights I have slept for the best part of 10 hours each night.. guess my body just reached a stage where it decided that more sleep was required.. with any luck that will sort itself out & I would be quite happy with around 8 hours a night.. hmmm wonder if this too is down to getting older... lol
Hope you all have a fabby day


scotspanda said...

I'm with you.............where is the year going? I think someone is coming in at night and actually stealing the weeks lol

Wish I could get 10 hours sleep........I'm like you 6 hours is a good night :o) Your body must have needed it eh, hope it continues and it helps you feel fab


Amanda xxx

Arty Party NI said...

Hiya Mrs nice to see your sounding a bit more cheerful :-) Can't wait to see a progress report on your tidy up, when I get my room sorted will let you see the pic's. Hopefully the builders will be finished this week, fingers crossed Karen xoxo