Friday, 21 September 2012

Isn't she cute

Sorry I've been awol the last 2 days folks but have been working my way through washing the holidays clothes.. Have managed to clean the downstairs in the house, spent time with all the animals, dealt with a few work related things and apart from that I've just been chilling. Still not managed to get a proper sleep yet! First night home I slept from approx 10pm-3am then from 4am-9am, last night was worse.. Rob and I were both watching tv at 4am this morning. Lol.

Tonight I thought I'd share a picture of one of the dogs we met on holiday as I've never seen this breed before. She's called Roxy and is a Shiba Inu, apparently a form of chinese mountain dog and she's absolutely adorable. Another thing I forgot to tell you about was my discovery whilst packing the cases. Rob had done his usual and thrown some stuff in which I hauled back out again (the way women do) thank goodness I did.. When I lifted his jeans to fold them what fell out of the pocket?? Wait for it...... A bullet!!! And a live one at that. Daft numpty had put it in his pocket when he was at the gun range and forgot all about it. Can you imagine what would have happened at LAX when security saw that on the xray screen!!! Doesn't bare thinking about really so was glad I'd found it and saved us from a whole load of hassle.

So tomorrow I'll hopefully finish the holiday washing, clean upstairs and have another few bits of business to sort before getting back to crafting mode. Next week I'll be working on samples for a soon to be released CD from Cupcake Crafting, then Saturday and Sunday I'll be demoing at Craft World in Glasgow. Rob has to attend Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Thursday and Friday so we'll be doing an overnight there. Busy wee week ahead I guess. Lol.

Well folks I'm signing off for now and will be back tomorrow again.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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Cazzy said...

Very cute and OMG to the bullet!

Cazzy x