Monday, 17 September 2012

All I'm taking home!

Well folks this is my last full day here in sunny Huntington Beach as we set off for home tomorrow and this is all the craft supplies I have to take with me! I've been to a few stores and have to say I was nothing less than shocked at the lack of card making supplies. It was as you would say very slim pickings but I did manage to find these stamps and it only cost me $19 (approx £15) for both sets so how could I refuse. Lol.

Our rental car gets returned today and I'm going to pack the cases too and may have to double check we have everything as one of the cats likes to steal stuff and hide it under the beds.. It's really funny to watch as he'll take anything like money, jewellery, clothes and just runs out of the room into another and adds them to his stash pile under the bed. He's so adorable though and it's hysterical to watch him in action.

Well I'm off to pour my 2nd coffee of the day as it's just turned 9am and the temp is 77 degrees. May need to chill in the garden for a few hours today seeing as we won't have a car. Hope you all have a fab day.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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