Monday, 18 May 2009


Gosh we picked up a thing at Tesco yesterday that tells you what you are spending your electricity on & it's awesome...
Now it is expensive at a cost of £35 but with the last 2 bills that we have gotten it seemed the risk was worth it.
Are you ready for this... when my tv is on along with the washing machine & oven it is costing me £1 an hour... not much you may think but if you add this up over the quarter it's not long in building up... microwave is 20p an hour, oven & washing machine 30p an hour and there is a big difference between a normal light bulb & an energy saver... approx 9p an hour of a difference.
It's unbelievable the changes we have made already in just over 12 hours as we have been throwing money away on electricity.
It cost us 35p an hour when the kettle is boiling... with only enough water for 1 cup of coffee...
Hopefully the next bill won't be such a shock now.
It also has a temperature gauge on it & we live in a relatively new home with a gas fire... thus regulation states that there must be an air vent in the room... well ours is approx 8" x 12". Now we always feel a breeze through here in the winter so I put the unit down beside the vent for 10 mins & would you believe that it dropped by a whopping 5.5 degrees... we have now decided we are going to have the gas fire removed & the vent covered over. This should dramatically cut our gas bills over the colder season.
This may be of use to anyone else out there who is suffering extortionate bills.
See you all in a couple of hours with a little challenge card.

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Dawn said...

Wow Lorraine that sounds brilliant - I know there has been various things on TV saying that all households should have them installed by some date way in the future

Will have to investigate this!!