Friday, 29 May 2009

Masquerade Mask

Here's a little masquerade mask I had a play with yesterday... never done one before & after finishing I had other ideas on things I would like to try in the future like some scroll stamping etc.. but hey it's my first attempt so I'm quite happy.
The mask is papier mache & I simply inked it up in silver & left to dry. Then I used some silicone to add the feathers & gems (also little clear starts - pic below).

More of a side profile & if you enlarge you can see the clear stars better.

Close up of the stars

This pic is taken in a darker position so if you enlarge it you can see the sparkle off of the clear stars a little better.
Sorry the pics are not great but I so could not find the right position to get the stars to reflect like I wanted... still a bit overcast but seems to be burning off right now.
Let's hope the weather man is right this weekend & the country is full of sunshine.
Happy crafting

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