Thursday, 14 May 2009

Attack of the bunny.....

Oh how I wish I was able to hold the camera 1 handed & take a picture of my arm right now...
I brought 2 of my bunnies in to give them a wee bath to clean them up & trim their nails... Will try to get a picture of them for you later... so armed with my disposable apron & faithful marigolds off we go.
First up was Jelly Bean... in the bath she went & just sat there having her bath & being quite content about the whole event so long as she could lick my arm... what a breeze.
Next up.. in went Bella... well was that the experience from hell or what... NO I do not want a bath today... so I will jump all over the bathtub, even try to jump out of the tub and for you not allowing me to do so, I will sink my teeth into you & swing...
Oh yes... the little beggar that she is set about my forearm with her claws first of all so by this time she has pulled the marigold down to my wrist... then with bare flesh showing... she sunk her teeth into my arm & started jumping around so she was literally hanging from my arm.
Now I have had almost 20 rabbits over the last decade.. half of them rescue may I add... and never have I been attacked by a bunny to the extent I have today.
She may be Bella by name but definately not by nature... now that bath time is past she is lying back quite chilled whilst she dries out.
As for me... well I'm now off to jump in the shower & get myself cleaned up before coating my arm with some Savlon.
Hope there's not too many of you laughing now, although I suspect there may well be.


Sally said...

I'm Sorry Lorraine, I am trying so hard to not laugh but the picture you have painted ia anything but a sympathetic one. Hope your arm isn't too bad.

Joby said...

Ouchee, corners of my mouth crinkled slightly

Christine (Craftling) said...

Lorraine has a bunny
She says its name is Bella
She should have called it Gizmo
‘Cause gremlins.. .shall we tell ‘er?
Turn into grizzly monsters
If you ever get them wet.
So she won’t be bathed again real soon,
At least I’d like to bet!

OK.. it's rubbish.. what do you expect on five minutes notice? lol ;o)

Hope the arm is feeling better!

Chris xx

Kath said...

Oh dear.....naughty bunnikins....obviously doesn't like getting a bath
Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Cazzy said...

Ouchy! Bad Bella!