Friday, 15 May 2009

Gas & Electricity Suppliers

Well folks I'm on now to have a good old rant & rave along with a request for some assistance.
You may remember that last time I received a gas/electricity bill I had a good rant then too as it was almost £800 but in saying that I had been in the house after my op with the heating on 24/7.
Let me tell you that my new bill has just arrived today & wait for it.... how much this time... almost £600.
Who is my service provider... well I'm quite happy to name & shame
Last time I also received a threatning legal letter before my payment due date had even arrived & due to the balls up they made on this, they said they would issue me a cheque for £20 compensation... still waiting for it to arrive... they did however get another department to write to me in response to my letter to them regarding the date I moved into my new home... hell I've lived here for nearly 8 years...
Now that I've had my rant & the steam is bubbling out of me I'm off to write yet another letter of complaint to them... think I'm going to add postal charges this time.
Whatever you do... stay well clear of npower as they haven't got a clue how to run a company.
Before I go though... if anyone has a good decent gas/elec provider can you please leave me a comment telling me who you are with as I am definately changing as soon as possible.
Cheers me lovely buddies.


Katie-Louise Oakley said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles Lorraine, we have had the same problem with them crediting our account when we switched from them to Eon. Still waiting for it now, and have been since Feb!

Eon are good, they have a good deal IF you pay by direct debit, and have your bills sent via email. We pay £70 a month, for both gas and electric, and on top of that, we earn Tesco clubcard points for every £1 we spend, so its not all bad :)

I hope you get it sorted, sooner rather than later! xx

Kath said...

ye gods....are you heating the whole of Motherwell.....will be steering well clear of NPower.....we are with Eon too....but they are not super efficient either...think they are all tarred with the same brush...
Hugs Kath xxxxx