Thursday, 24 March 2016

where does the time go!

Sorry I've been AWOL again folks and I can't believe just how quickly time is moving just now.  Lots going on and throw a week of being ill in to the middle of the equation and you end two weeks down the line not having blogged!

Anyway, just a quick one this morning before I head off to work and will try post tonight again in a bid to catch up. 

Sadly a few weeks ago a chap I grew up with passed away and I was forced to make one of those dreaded sympathy cards..  it just didn't seem right for someone young and I instead ended up making a card with the saying cherish yesterday which I felt was much more appropriate.  It was basic white on white but I liked it that way.  

So folks off to finish getting organised for work and catch you all again later.  

Happy crafting

P.s. excuse any spelling mistakes I'm typing quick on my mobile lol

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