Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A day with Ken Oliver

Saturday 20th I got to spend the day with the lovely Ken Oliver at Daisy's Jewels and Crafts doing 2 classes..  you just know that means there was going to be a 'Burst' of Color!

We were lucky to have the gorgeous Pauline Wheeler join in the morning fun..  note her gloves as she was live on air in the afternoon so the priority was to keep her clean lol 

Lunchtime came along and we quite literally forced Ken to eat some chips as the bags we got were massive!  

The beautiful Hels light up with passion once she started sprinkling those gorgeous powders and there was no stopping her striking a pose once her apron had been signed by Ken 

The five cards above are ones we done in the afternoon class using different application techniques 

Absolutely love this one above using graphite!

A lovely 'Burst' of Color on one of my journal pages

Can you spot the area where I applied the Metallic 'Burst'

Finally.. a little personal note to myself from Ken inside my journal..  

Well folks that's another days update for you.. tune in tomorrow for a few details on the trade show.


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