Thursday, 3 March 2016

Andy Skinner workshop & Award Time!!!

Well folks Saturday 21st came along and it was the first day of the trade show..  always exciting knowing you are going to meet up with friends, do workshops, see new products etc.

Now workshop of the day was with the fabulous Andy Skinner using DecoArt Media paints and a Tando kit.  You know the minute you walk through the door you're in for a fun time.

Oh and not to forget our lovely gift we got to take home too! 

Obviously we popped by to say Hi to the lovely Ken Oliver too and just look at these fabulous papers!

As I now manage the shops Facebook account I also managed to snap a picture of the lovely Sheena Douglas whilst we grabbed a quick chat with her so I could upload it to our page.

This year I also had the added bonus of being able to collect an Award on behalf of Craft World as my bosses weren't able to attend this year.. and not just any old Award but a 'Gold' one at that!!!  How proud did I feel knowing I'm a part of the team who helped achieve this..  it's awesome!

Catch up over for the day and time to head off to bed..  well I have managed to fall asleep on the sofa after painting my nails and oh what lovely smudges so a fresh coat of varnish has been drying as I typed this in the hope it doesn't look too bad in the morning!

Toddles for now and happy crafting 


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