Friday, 4 March 2016

Kate Crane workshop!

Day 2 at the trade show began with a little breakfast to provide stamina for the day!  Best part of it was we took a picture and sent it to poor Pauline Wheeler who was working just to make her jealous lol.

Once the body was fully charged we made a start on the day..  turned out to be a major socialising day as we bumped in to one person after another after another.  Felt like we only ever took about 10 steps before we stopped again lol. 

We did however manage to grab a little time with Tim Holtz

Highlight of the day was our workshop with the fabulous Kate Crane.  Love the colours Kate chose for our project and what a fun time we had.

We also got some goodies to take home with us..  that's my collection grown even bigger then!  Lol.  Just love these paints so I do.

Anyway folks it's been a busy day in the shop today as not only did we have stock arriving for there but also for the show at the SECC which is running till Sunday.  Lots of products, lots of pricing and lots of fun.  Kids have been over for a visit tonight too so it's time to sit back and chill for a half hour before bed.  

Toddles for now and happy crafting 

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