Thursday, 10 March 2016

A Wonderful Wedding

Well the fun of the trade show may have passed but there was more fun on the agenda..  A Wedding!!!

One of my work colleagues Alan wed the love of his life on Friday 26th in Sherbrooke Castle Hotel.  Quite funny though as 10 years ago I wed the love of my life at the exact same place!

The new Mr & Mrs McLean

Lyndsey's dress was simply stunning!  And no that's not her headress sticking up in the air it's a decoration on the windowledge  behind.. just my bad photography lol.

The work crew with 'THE BOSS' in the middle.  We're some of the lucky ones who can socialise with our boss outside the office and enjoy ourselves.

The 'Motley Crew' from left to right..
Eileen, Ann, Alan, June and little old me.

A fabulous night spent with fabulous people!


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