Friday, 31 August 2012


Just little old me again folks.. Am happy to report that the hair has been chopped and got a bit more shape again.. This growing malarky is slightly more bearable again now! Well I left the hairdresser and headed straight to the garage as I've been running with my fuel light on for the best part of a week now so that's it full to the brim but will be empty by the beginning of the week again. Lol. Then I popped up to the local food take away and got myself a wee bacon and potato scone roll for breakfast.. Oh I sure did enjoy that with lashing of brown sauce and a hot coffee. Washed the old fingers (didn't want grease marks on my stuff) then got the box out to play again. Another wee sample added to the pile for the trade show.

Hubby's in Glasgow at the moment but should be home in an hour or so then we can make a start on the final chores we need to do together as this is our last day together before the holidays.. Will get that done, want to squeeze in another few samples, pluck eyebrows, do nails etc so it's defo a busy day ahead. Hope you're all chilling out more than me today.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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