Tuesday, 1 February 2011

At last..

Oh yeah.. The day has finally arrived for me to get rid of this blasted wisdom tooth that has brought misery to my life for the last 3 weeks..

Currently getting some porridge into my belly to tide me by till I am able to eat again and then it will probably be something like scrambled egg.. Lol.

Mother is also at Asda just now before arriving here to stay until my safe return.. You would think I was having open heart surgery.. Lol.. No doubt by the time I get back she'll have the ironing board out.. Well I suppose there can be benefits at times.. Lol.

Needless to say I will probably be pretty quiet on the verbal side of things which could mean trouble for everyone else.. Oh yeah.. Lots of typing required to keep me in touch with everyone..

So before I go.. Thank you to all my wonderful friends for all the support and well wishes you have given me.. It's all been very gratefully received and I feel honoured to have such good friends around me.

Right, off now, mother just pulled into the drive!!!!!!!! Catch ya later.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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fairymadjo said...

ahh bless your mum hun:) , hope you feel better soon hunny x