Saturday, 26 February 2011

Tims' creations....

Well folks.. I really have no right to make any statements on this posting at all... except for I hop you enjoy browsing some of the wonderful creations from the man himself... oh and I have left a little message on the 3rd and 4th pictures.. lol.... Enjoy!!!!!!

Can you see my reflection in the mirror... does this mean I'm part of the creation!

Sorry about this one folks... no matter what I do the stupid picture keeps uploading at the wrong angle.. obviously it's just silly Mr Blogger up to his old tricks again.. I apologise for any sore necks as you crank your head to the side... perhaps it will correct itself if you enlarge the image..

Well I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of the beauties we all got to see in the flesh... what's in the next scheduled posting... Tims' own configuration boxes... yummy..
Toodles for now and catch you all in a few hours again.
Love 'n' hugs


Gillian said...

Great pics Lorraine, isn't he amazing lol, my fav apart from the configuration box that had the xmas tree in it, is the mirror ... well it was until I saw your reflection in it ...lmao x

Sheetal Ahlawat said...

Lucky you :)

sandra said...

Those creations are breathtaking!
I wouldn't mind having sore neck just to see those creations!lol.
Thanks for shearing!