Saturday, 26 February 2011

Our extra goody bag...

Now what can you say to this lot apart from WOW... after we returned from our morning tea break there was an additional hessian bag of goodies lying on our tables just crying out to be opened.. this however did have to be done careful due to the fact that it contained glass elements.. can you imagine.. all anyone wanted to do was tip the bag upside down and get the goodies out as quickly as possible... but no... it had to be done carefully.. lol... and yes there was a lot in it so below are some close up pics so you can see it all and don't miss anything.

Now here we have some top corners for our boxes... a pearl with chain, wings, key, manequin, ticket, flowers, metal number, cork number, metal sentiment, glass bottles and a small light..

Slight over lap of goodies here to ensure I didn't miss anything so here's the other part of the corners and numbers etc along with some pen nibs, locks, bird elements, clock dials, upside down buttons, frames and part of my vintage car... now the amazing thing about the car... Tim actually sourced all of these vehicles seperately... it is not something he manufactures or anything else.. they are infact all vintage... now how awesome is that...

Hope you're all still keeping up here.. lol... right this time we have.. some mesh, glass bottles, wire bird cage, flowers, twine, bottle cap, cork numbers, film negatives, measuring tape, thread spool, key, frame, button and a wee bit of my vintage car again..

Right.. last one of this lot folks.. here we go.. birdcage, twine, button, cork number tile, measuring tape, frame, key, glass bottles, buttons, tickets, flowers, measuring tape ribbon, photo negatives, metal hanger and bottle top.

Phew... sorry if that seemed a bit lengthy but wanted to give you a true feeling of what we all felt like when we got everything out of our bags and we were all rummaging around looking at and trying to take in all the deliciousness that was lying on the table in front of us... and as you can see.. there was a lot of it.

So.. I'll leave you to drool over these little babies for a few hours and then I'll post pictures of some gorgeous creations by the wonderful Tim Holtz himself.

Have fun!
Love 'n' hugs


Bea said...

gosh how lovely to get suprises like that

Gillian said...

Oooo much lushness it was, how the heck did you manage to take all those photo's, I never even saw you doing that and I was sitting right next to you ... I must have been to engrossed in Tim lol x

Nikki said...

What a fun bunch of findings to play with can't wait to see what you create with all of this :)