Thursday, 17 February 2011

Time to get excited..

Yes folks.. It's time to start building the excitement I think as 1 week today at this time.. I'll be sitting in front of the one and only Tim Holtz..

Oh yeah.. Registration begins at 7.30am.. The shop opens then too.. And then our workshop starts at 8.30am.. I can just imagine everyone's faces when the enter the room and see not only Tim himself but also our very own hessian bags filled with goodies to use... It's so funny that people are actually trying to guess exactly what size the bags are.. I have a vision of all these bags being turned upside down and shaken like mad in the rush to see what all it contains.. Lol.

Needless to say I'll be there with my camera, flapping ears, attentive attitude and busy dirty fingers.. Well I don't want to miss out on anything do I..

Then, it's lunch in the restaurant with Cynthia, before heading off to my workshop with Lin & Leandra.. What more can a girl ask for in a day.. Lol.

Question is.. Will I have enough energy to post the pics when I get home on Thurs night or will it have to wait till Fri morning??? Either way.. I'm sure I'll manage to squeeze in a few mobile pics as we go.. Fingers crossed.

Right.. Time to get some coffee in me and make a start on this wonderful day... Not that the sun is shining right enough.

Have a super day all and I'll be back and forth throughout the day.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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1 comment:

Rainbow Lady said...

Now now calm down my friend or you won't be good for the day...... you know what Mum said when you were little 'don't get excited or it will end in tears' he he lol
looking forward to spending the day crafting with you
oh and Tim of course xx