Monday, 12 October 2009

So glad it's a new week....

Yippee... here's to the start of a new week & hoping that it's a much better one than last week...
It's been a busy old weekend here with looking after Buddy who is back to his old self again thankfully... eating & drinking normally though he is getting used to all this extra attention & when he doesn't get it he is playing up a bit... fly wee thing that he is.
In addition to that we've been working on sealing off our fireplace which I will be finishing today & I must admit that even last night without the final seals in place our living room was a lot warmer than it usually is... hopefully that means our gas bills will be a lot lower this winter.
We also got some new lights for my hallway & staircase... nothing spectacular but they were badly needed... now it looks nice & fresh again.
Rob is doing his final prep at work today for his FSA audit tomorrow & we worked on that for quite a few hours on Saturday... I was pretending to be the FSA & was grilling him on all aspects of finances... he done extremely well as I knew he would... but like everyone else he just panics when it comes to things like this.
Got quite a few things to do in the next few hours but I am so determined to get back here with at least 1 card later today... feels like I haven't made anything for ages so have to make changes to that today...
See you all later

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