Thursday, 15 October 2009

2 minute make...

Now I'm relying on good old Mr Blogger to post this for me today... as I'm off to Motherwell College to have a look around & talk with someone regarding signing up for a course in psychology.... oh yes... I've decided to plunge myself back into the old study mode & get myself a degree... only thing is I'm not sure if I want to study at my local college or if I want to do it through Open University who also have a very good course.... hence why I'm off to start my investigations today. Fingers crossed it will help me make the final decision.
This was a quick 2 minute card I made using some more of my fabby snowmen.. very plain & simple as you can see... some ribbon tied around a pale blue card with a knot attached on top using silicone... then 3 wee glittery snowmen in a row.
It does look really bland in the picture but believe it or not it's really nice in real life...
Wish me luck for today... lol
Happy crafting

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