Monday, 26 October 2009

Done my back in.....

Sorry I haven't been posting at all but unfortunately this is the first I've been able to get to the computer...
I had an absolute catastrophy occurred on Friday night whereby my kitty decided to jump on me whilst I was sleeping... giving me the shock of my life.... and what happened... I jerked & done all the right hand side of my back in... very painful indeed.
Well I got doped up to the eyeballs etc & finally made it to the SECC around 10am ready to give it my best shot for the day... I thought that I could manage with the pain medication... but alas that was not to be the case.
Instead I ended up in a very embarassing situation where I was gunning for the toilet so quickly as I was ready to vomit everywhere... oh yeah... it is embarassing let me tell you...
One stall holder very kindly gave me some baby wipes to help clean myself up & sadly I had to call it a day early as there was no way I could continue working.
Well I've been in agony since but thankfully it seems to have eased up just slightly over the last hour so I'm hoping I'm on the road to recovery now.
Anyway, fingers crossed it won't be too long before I'm burning on all cylinders again.
Hugs to you all


JanJ said...

Oh Lorraine, poor you, that sounds awful, back pain is terrible.

Take it easy & hope you're feeling a lot better soon.

Jan xx

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Lorraine, sorry to hear you have done your back in and sorry to hear about the experience at the SECC. Sadly tablets can have this effect but it's bad enough when it happens at home but when you are in public it must have been awful. Hope you are now well on the mend. Best wishes and healing hugs Kym xxx

Cazzy said...

Oh dear, bad kitty! I hope you feel better soon Lorraine.
My back was done in by the new memory foam mattress, it has had to go in the spare room now!

Cazzy x

Carol Ann said...

Lorraine I hope your back is better very soon x