Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Weekend masterpiece

Just caught myself getting ready to wish everyone a happy Monday when suddenly I realised we're on Tuesday lol.  

What a fabulous busy weekend it's been with a crafty day at Craft World on Saturday then a trip up to Perth early Sunday morning for the 2 day trade show representing Jones Crafts. 

So wish I'd had a chauffeur on Sunday as the views on my journey were simply amazing.  The morning dew was hanging low over the fields and mountains with a stunning low sun lined blue sky.  I'd have been snapping pictures the whole way if I didn't need to have my hands on the steering wheel.   Every day should begin with views like that.  

Anyway after a busy day at the show we headed back to the hotel just after 6 pm when I retreated to my room for a little rest and quick change before heading out for dinner.   Pacos in Perth has such a yummy menu available and when there's a crowd the size of us there's always interesting conversations going on around the table.   Finally it was time to head back to the hotel bar and there was more than one occasion when Tena Lady would have come in extremely helpful.   Let's just say between a new ring having been purchased and jokes galore we were even making other hotel residents giggle.  

Finally had to call it a night once I had slid down the sofa so far that my bottom was getting ready to go right off the edge.  Lol  

I also had the pleasure of meeting a lovely little girl who was attending the show with her mum on Sunday called Isla.  Whilst the boys were busy taking orders she spotted the KaiserCraft pens so I gave her some paper and asked her to draw me a picture.  This is what she produced..  A princess castle complete with mast & flag.   Have to say in was extremely impressed with her writing considering she's only 6.  So once mummy was finished placing her order and they were leaving the stand she asked to use the pens again and she drew the love heart and wrote my name next to it before giving me one of the biggest hugs I've ever had.   What an absolutely delightful little girl she was. 

Finally after the show closed yesterday the guys very kindly offered to give me some goodies so I could do a blog giveaway so watch this space for a later upload of what you could enter to win.  

Right.. time to move myself off the sofa.   I've got a week off work.. Yay..  so time to get the housework done and the garden is in need of some much over due attention.  

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

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