Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Flutter fly

Well folks thats the first day back at work over and what a busy day it was..  just the way I like it.  As for the internet side of things I honestly couldn't tell you how many orders we picked, packed & posted today..  too many to count anyway lol.  

Tonight I've been chilling out with hubby and having a wee discussion on this Scottish referendum matter on facebook.   I honestly can't wait for it all to be over as I've seen so many rude, nasty and abusive comments being made to people its actually disgusted me.  I know it's a big thing but everyone has the right to make an independent vote for what they want and not for what others decided they should be voting.  That's nothing less than bully tactics.  

I'm actually heading off to bed just shortly.. early for me eh!  Lol   but I'm opening up in the morning so need to head off a little earlier than norm just incase there's any travel delays.  Apart from that I'm actually sitting here yawning anyway so my body is telling me it's bedtime so in my best interest to concede.  

Anyway, todays share is a card I made a few weeks ago using Indigo Blu stamps, distress inks and distress pens.  Finished size is 8 x 8.  

Right I really must sign off as that last yawn just about dislocated my jaw lol.  

Toodles for now folks
Lorraine xxx 

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