Sunday, 14 September 2014

Advent Calender time

Evening all..  sorry my pics sometimes load before the text but I often take pics on my phone then after upload I jump on my tablet to do the text.

Anyway I've been on holiday for the last week and tomorrow is my final day off before returning to work and I have to say that I've enjoyed every minute of it and have really appreciated the chill time.  I've had numerous lie ins followed by lots of work around the house, in the garden and tomorrow I will be finishing painting my front door.    It's been so nice catching up with everything I've been behind on and in the evenings I've done the odd bit of crafting but mostly I've just vegged out on the sofa.   Down time was so needed.  

So, what do we have for tonights project...  this is one of my trade show makes from last week for Jones Crafts.   A fabulous advent calender decorated with papers from the KaiserCraft Yuletide collection.   The calender comes as a flat pack kit designed by Candy Box Crafts.   Included within the kit are the sections to complete the main structure, 25 mini boxes, just the perfect size to hide away a luxurious chocolate lol, and all your mini numbers.   

As for the papers in the Yuletide collection I'd probably describe them as quite soft and peaceful in nature.  Definately one of my favourite Christmas collections.. but oh my..  I also have another two favourite collections which are everyday themed but I'm not at liberty to share just yet.  

Well folks that's it for tonight as I'm off to make myself a wee cuppa, snuggle up on the sofa and have a sing along to MTV..  could be dangerous as it normally ends up with me dancing around the room rofl.   

Nighty night all

Lorraine xxx 


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Nikki C said...

Wow this looks amazing I love all the details you've added into this :)