Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Work work work

Well folks it's a quick post tonight as it's been a long day & I'm yawning my head off which is great news for me as hopefully I'm gonna get a good sleep which is very unusual for me.  I may even manage more than my average 4 hours lol. 

The day started with a 7.30am alarm, followed by work till 5.30pm and home just before 6.30pm.  Done a quick run around with the hoover and folded up the washing before organising dinner.  Took some time out to chill then settled down around 9 pm to start on work again.  There are now 60 Thank You cards all prepped ready to be constructed tomorrow night.  Put my feet up to relax for a while before bed and oopsie..  I nodded off lol.   Soon as I stop typing this post I'm off to get my pj's on and fall in to bed as I hopefully have another wee busy day ahead in the shop tomorrow.  

So before I go a little about today's card.   This was another Indigo Blu sample I made and please ignore the damaged blob at the top right of the corner.   One of the joys of passing samples around I'm afraid is that they can get damaged.   At the end of the day they are there for people to handle so you have to expect things like this happen.  

Right I'm signing off before I fall asleep typing.  

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

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