Sunday, 17 August 2014

Bright & beautiful

Howdy doody folks it's been a few days!

Head, neck & shoulder pain has taken over from the back for a few days so dear hubby has been massaging his fingers to the bone trying to help me and I've been rather unsociable too which is not like me.  After having a nice hot shower today I decided to give my back a wee stretch but instead of pulling out my actual recline stretcher I decided to simply use the side of the bed.  All went well with the stretch as I slowly eased myself over the side bit by bit and finally when I decided that was enough I pulled myself up off the floor..  well at least I attempted to before the duvet gently slid to the side resulting in me crashing to the floor head first!   Guess you could say that it really wasn't my day today lol.

Anyway I've managed a few cards along the way and one of them was for my friends little girl..  One of my surrogate children lol.   She's bright, she's beautiful and she's just reached double figures.  Indigo Blu provided the perfect stamps for me and using my DI I set about creating.  Forgot to take pics in daylight so I've taken a snap shot just now under my craft light just so you can get a sneaky peak. 

Can't believe it's 3am and I'm sitting typing!   Think I'm gonna swallow a few pain killers and see if that helps ease the pain a bit so I can hopefully catch some zzzzzz's before the sun rises. 

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

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