Thursday, 14 August 2014

Birthday tag

Sorry I missed a days post, should have been done in the evening but we  I got home from work I had to push on with prepping some Britannia samples and by the time I finished my back had really flared up again.   Think I'm going to have to admit defeat and get the doc to take a look at it in a few weeks at my next appointment.  

Well it's been a very busy day in the shop.   Customers galore, lots of sample boards being made up and displayed not to mention deliveries.    One things for sure when you work in such a large craft shop is there's always something to keep you busy.  Stock takes, restocking,  ordering,  pricing, advising customers, cleaning,  phones, Internet orders,  tills and that's just the basic day to day running lol.  

Anyway tonight I've succumbed to relaxation simply because it was after 11pm before the house phone & mobile actually stopped ringing and pinging.    Have to say it's been most enjoyable, well apart from my hubby's shocking event.   He sees a wee 14 year old girl turn the corner, pull up her tshirt to wipe her face but the problem is its a wee cropped top so there she is walking down the street wiping face with her black bra on view to anyone in the vicinity!   Needless to say hubby dearest was less than impressed but also shocked that some kids these days have absolutely no self respect.  

Righty Ho it's time for bed so I'll leave you with a birthday tag crafted using Indigo Blu stamps with distress inks.   Fab quick make which you could mount on a card or use as a gift label.  

Nighty night all
Lorraine xxx

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