Thursday, 7 August 2014

Slowly goes it

You must all love when I post at this time of night as it's kept short & sweet lol.

Not much to report tonight as I was working in the shop then home for dinner and some work on the thank you cards tonight.   Didn't manage to get them finished as I was a bit tired so on a go slow.   Nice wee busy day in the shop with a few spells where it felt like a bus had stopped outside and opened the doors.   Even customers were saying how busy the car park was.   The journey home.. well..  that took me over an hour to drive 20 miles and the bulk of that time was spent sitting in traffic in the first mile of my journey.   Why when it's obvious that there's an issue with traffic do people insist on blocking roundabouts.  It only slow the traffic down,  it doesn't help you get anywhere quicker!  Then the amount of horns that get honked.. well that's just down right stupid. 

Thought this card was rather appropriate for tonight's post as it's travel related lol.  Another Indigo Blu sample. 

So that's been my day and heading off to bed now as up in 5 hours for another full day.

Nighty night
Lorraine xxx

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Pauline Wheeler said...

Am loving this one Scotty, great design
P xx