Saturday, 10 May 2014

A little haberdashery

Jodie Johnstone will no doubt get the first of the crowds tomorrow as the 1st demo day begins at Craft World but hopefully they'll be able to drag themselves away to visit the rest of us lol. 

Anyway it's 1 am and I'm heading to bed as a long busy day lies ahead but wanted to share one last sneaky peek with you before the big event begins.

The Boss sent us all a text tonight to say the shop is ready and set to go in the morning so it's now down to us demonstrators to please the crowds. 

Thankfully that means I'll be able to share some proper pics with you soon.  

Had my bloods done this morning to check my thyroid, glucose, full blood count and a few other things I can't remember..  nice way to start the day eh..  They were fasting bloods and my appointment wasn't till 11.40! So lay in bed to avoid the temptation to eat or drink coffee.  Felt like I was well and truly drained when I left the surgery so straight back home to be fed and watered  lol.  Fingers crossed they come back ok then I'll need to get full hormone checks done.  

Well it's for bed so will bid you all sweet dreams for now.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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Nikki C said...

Sorry to hear your having a rough go of things I hope tomorrow it's all good news and having to wait till 11:40 for a coffee is just barbaric, that would be the worst hugs Nikki