Saturday, 1 February 2014

What a sight

Well folks I can hardly believe it's basically been a week since I last posted!   Sorry about that but I've been a real busy wee bee.   The picture is a wee snippet of what is spread all over my dining room table.  Lol.

110 labels printed & die cut then another 110 larger labels cut and both adhered together before being mounted on the cards.   Rather a lot of inserts printed.. 4 per card and each piece of card had to be cut to size prior to printing.   In addition to that I've been in the shop working 3 days and posting on the shops facebook page every day too.  

My respite this week has consisted of a 2 hour soak in the bath yesterday and a visit to the beautician today to get my nails done. 

Tomorrow... Well I feel the need to crack open a large cardboard box I have sitting with lots of yummy stash inside and woohoo...  Got a wee day off on Tuesday too as I'm working next Saturday so get a few days in a row to sit and get creative.   Lol. 

Off now to get a few things tidied up then I can sit and chill.  

Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

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